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Close Executive Protection & Bodyguards Toronto

Safety is Our Top Priority

We specialize in close executive protection in Toronto that includes the latest security measures.

These services are customized to meet your requirements when it comes to bodyguard services in Toronto.

IronGate Protection looks after executives and other high-profile people with elevated risks. This includes a secure and safe transportation and escort service as well as an assessment and analysis of any risks and threats.

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The more information provided below, the better IGP will be able to assist our future Clients. Do not provide any information that could be considered compromising.

Disclaimer: Please be advised that any email, social media correspondence, and/or contact form submission with IronGate Protection Inc. (IGP) and/or any agent of IGP is for informational purposes. You will not be considered a client until IGP has agreed to act for you in accordance with the usual policies for accepting clients. No action with regards to your particular matter should be taken until you have first sought full advice from an entity fully retained to act on your behalf.

Innovative Features

Some of the other security features that come with this kind of protection include well-trained security drivers that use encrypted technologies for two-way communication.

Unpredictable security incidents are more common now than at any time before. It’s important to have security management programs in place that can manage the risks. IronGate Protection takes your security requirements seriously. When it comes to these services, we provide creative solutions for people facing elevated risk profiles.

Bodyguard Services in Toronto For Elevated Risk Clients.

IronGate Protection provides a service for clients who require these types of close protection options. Our company prides itself on having values that place us head and shoulders above the competition.

They include a keen sense of integrity and being committed to every mission we take on. We also adhere to a code of excellence. Our proven experience and detailed execution help us to exceed our clients’ expectations.

We have proven and tested leadership experience in this and other security fields. Our staff is committed to innovative risk management solutions and services. Remember, everyone who works for our company is fully accountable while they are acting in the client’s employ.

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The Leadership Team

If you take a look at our leadership team, you’ll see the difference this kind of experience makes.

Shawn Ford brings a wealth of skill in the security and legal fields to IronGate Protection. He’s dedicated to helping provide exceptional security services locally and internationally.

Andrew Park is an entrepreneur who brings years of security work to the team. He’s able to coordinate and implement bespoke security solutions that include executive protection and all of the latest innovative best practices.

Steve Crow works to understand each clients’ operational needs as an essential part of success. He brings experience as an infantryman and an entrepreneur to the company. His expertise also lies in implementing and maintaining the best security practices.